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Hello Everyone, It’s time to go and vote!  Let’s be some of the first to vote.  Ohio offers early voting.  So, please go to the Board of Elections and cast your ballot NOW!  This way you don’t have to stand in lines or be inconvenienced on November 6th.

Below is a link to a list of the State Issues in this election.  Download them and educate yourself before you visit the polls.  That way it will take no time to vote.


Live-for-Christ, Live-the-Word,

Stephen B.


State Issues for Upcoming Election!

State Issues in the November 6 Election 2012

Speaking In Tongues..Not What You Thought….

Class this past Sunday was Terrific!!  We had revelation from God!

We learned that Speaking in Tongues in Acts 2:4 was not what we’ve been taught.  It wasn’t a sounding of gibberish that we can’t understand. Rather, the word “tongue” in the Greek is glossai, glosson or glossa meaning “a language, the supernatural gift of speaking in another language without its having been learnt.” (Strong’s Concordance, Greek Dictionary)

This verse talks about the disciples speaking in languages of many other nationalities than their own without ever being taught to do so.  Hmmm… that’s in the Word.  Thank God for the “Truth.” (John 8:32).

Next week we are going to go even deeper!!  We’re going to go to a place you’ve never gone before….GET READY!!!!!

Stephen B.

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